I am pleased to inform you that Moody's investor services, the world's leading rating agency, recently conducted an assessment of CRDB Bank's creditworthiness and assigned an impressive rating of B1 with stable outlook in an announcement made worldwide on 16th August 2016. The rating makes CRDB Bank the first and only financial institution to be rated in Tanzania. In Sub-Saharan Africa, with an exception of banks in South Africa and Mauritius, this is the highest rating to have been assigned to financial institutions by Moody's. Thus, the rating places CRDB Bank amongst the most stable and safe African Banks.

The rating reflects the bank's leading domestic franchise with an extensive distribution network, diversified deposit-based funding profile, strong profitability and healthy liquidity buffers.

I am delighted that the news has been positively received by investor communities worldwide following Moody's' press release. This not only showcases the bank's continuous commitment to good governance and transparency, but also attests its efforts in putting customer needs at the fore front and living up to its motto of being the "The bank that listens"

Dr. Charles S. Kimei

Managing Director
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