At CRDB Bank, we work towards enabling our customer have a secure future. This is why we have developed insurance products that will ensure you are covered at all times.  You never know when a misfortune will strike. It could happen to anyone. With our insuranceproducts, you willhave peace of mind. We have a range of insurance policies to cover just about every need including domestic package policy, personal accident policy, motor policy, fire policy, burglary policy, and many more.

Credit Life Assurance

Provides cover to a creditor - Bank, SACCOS and the like against financial loss which they would be likely to suffer following the death or permanent disablement of a borrower before a loan is fully repaid.

Eliminates complications related with attaching a collateral security and will administration procedures Ensures that the deceased family is not left homeless or bothered with repayment of the outstanding loan.

To have your Domestic Insurance Policy, speak to our Relationship Manager by calling +255 22 2117442/7 or send an e-mail to jndege [at]

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