Joining Hands with the Community

At CRDB Bank, we believe in responsible citizenship and we derive utmost satisfaction in the continued prosperity of the community around us. Through our comprehensive Social Investment Policy, we endeavor to play an active role in promoting sustainability and social consciousness.

Since the establishment of CRDB Bank close to two decades ago, we have continuously provided financial and non-financial support to a range of sustainable causes with the view of helping the respective causes achieve optimal impact. We also offer donations and/or grants to deserving community initiatives and charitable organizations within the community.

We utilize our collective strengths to support the community in three areas: Education, Health, and Environment, which form the primary focus of our involvement Community Development. We strongly believe that through education and health, we will be able to make a positive difference for generations. Youth sports and environmental issues are equally important to us and we are actively involved in various projects that are aligned to the two.

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