As a leading Financial Services Provider in Tanzania, CRDB Bank’s vision is premised largely on innovation and underscored by impeccable service delivery to all our customers.  Over the years, we have pioneered pace - setting initiatives that have consistently provided the much needed direction in the banking industry. We believe in listening and understanding client needs and tailor-make products and solutions that directly address the specific needs. FahariHuduma is one such service that is informed by the ever increasing need for accessibility of financial services by the public.

About FahariHuduma

FahariHuduma is the first Agency Banking Service available in Tanzania. This is a service that we believe will take banking to the people. The CRDB Agency Banking model enables us to deliver a range of crucial banking services to all our customers using appointed agents countrywide. The agents are given Point of Sales (POS) terminals that enable them to render services available in the banking hall remotely.

As your bank of choice, our main focus remains giving you reliable and convenient service at all times. FahariHuduma is a service believe designed not only enhance the people’s access to our services, but also grow our footprint as a bank and allow us to reach the unbanked population and encourage them to take up some of our services which will in turn uplift their livelihoods.

FahariHuduma Services

You can visit any of our appointed FahariHuduma agents and get access to the following services, which will be offered online through Point of Sale (POS) terminals:

  • Cash deposits using card/without card
  • Cash Withdrawals using card/card less
  • Balance enquiries
  • Mini statements
  • Bills payments
  • Issuance of cards
  • Cheque deposits
  • Account opening

Become an Agent

If you want to become a FahariHuduma Agent, simply read the eligibility Criteria and if you meet all the requirements, download an application form, fill and submit to us. Our officers will get in touch with you and sign you up for this unique opportunity.

  • The business/agent must have an existing, well - established commercial activity that has been operational for at least eighteen (18) months immediately preceding the date of the suitability assessment.
  • Should have a valid business license and in operation for at least 3 years.
  • An entity shall not be eligible for appointment as an agent if the carrying out of agent banking business by the entity shall contravene any written law, its Memorandum and Articles of Association and any other constitutive document or objects of the entity.
  • An entity which is not for profit, a Nongovernmental Organization, an educational institution, or any other entity which under any applicable law is not allowed to carry on profit making business shall not engage in Agency banking business.
  • The entity has not been classified as a deficient, doubtful or non-performing borrower by the Bank in the last 18 months preceding the date of signing the contract. That status shall be maintained for the duration of the contract.
  • The applying entity must possess appropriate physical infrastructure and human resources to be able to provide the services with the necessary degree of efficiency and security.
  • The entity must have a banking relationship with the Bank for at least 18 months.
  • The entity must be located a maximum distance of 100 km to the nearest domicile branch.
  • The entity should operate in premises which are freehold or having a lease of at least 36 months, 12 months lease shall be considered for small agents.
  • The entity should have a least two permanent staff to handle agent banking operations.
  • The entity should have a daily turnover of TZS above fifty (50) Million for Super Agents, twenty (20) Million for Large, ten (10) Million for medium and five (5) Million for Small agents.
  • The entity should not operate Agency Banking as its sole activity.
  • The entity should be within a radius of a busy district centre and not isolated where customers cannot easily access the services.
  • CRDB Bank staff shall not be allowed to undertake Agent Banking on behalf of the bank.

How FahariHuduma Works

Using Point of Sales terminals (POS)

  • All CRDB Bank transactions through FahariHuduma agents are done online. The transactions automatically update the CRDB Bank’s core banking system. Offline transactions shall only be permitted for cash deposits.
  • Each agent has two staff supporting agency banking business - a teller and a supervisor, who will authorize transactions done by agency teller.
  • An Agent is issued with a Point of  Sale (POS) terminal that links with his agency account (01J74) in which a certain minimum amount will be deposited by the agent to serve as ‘Working capital’.
  • Each transaction is supported by receipts printed in duplicates - customer and agent copies respectively.

Using Mobile Phones (SimBanking)

  • An agent is issued with a mobile phone enabled with SimBanking.
  • The agent account is issued with e-value sufficient to cover the operations.
  • An agent is enabled to offer services of cash withdrawals and cash deposits to CRDB customer on the SimBanking platform. (just like in the case of MNO agents)
  • Receipts are in duplicate and are printed using special printer enabled by Bluetooth/printing cables.

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