Credit Facilities

Personal Loans Available at CRDB Bank


  1. General purpose (personal effects, computer purchase, festivals, insurance premium payment, house rent payment etc.)
  2. Housing loans
  3. Car loans
  4. Education Loans

Loan Eligibility

  • 1. Eligible employers
    • Private and Public Limited Liability Companies,
    • Government Institutions and Agencies,
    • Corporations and Parastatals (For Profits),
    • CRDB Corporate customers
  • 2. Eligible Borrowers
    • Age: Between 18 and 60 years.
    • Salary: Net salary of > TZS200,000 per month
    • Nationality: Tanzanians and foreigners with residence and working permits.
  • Employment Status:
    • Confirmed permanent employment contract;
    • Confirmed long-term employment contracts of  one (1) year and/or
    • Current Monthly salary slips
  • Requirements
    • General requirements (applicable to all types of loans)
    • Employment Contract/Letter
    • Passports, Residence & Working Permits (applicable to non-citizen).
    • Letter from employer
    • Salary slips (recent 6 months).
  • Specific requirement (applicable to specific types)
    • Education Loans: Schedule of payment of fees, Confirmed admission to the course in question from the respective university or institute.
    • Car Loan: Proforma invoice of the motor vehicle to be purchased
    • Housing Loan
      • For construction; a copy of the Title, a copy of site plan, building permit and estimates approved by an engineer/quantity surveyor (Bills of Quantities-BOQ).
      • For house purchase; copy of sales agreement, copy of the Title of the house to be purchased.
      • For renovation/repair and alteration, a copy of the Title, a copy of estimates approved by an engineer.
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