Cash Back

The CRDB Bank Cash Back service is a simple and convenient service that allows all our customers to withdraw money after shopping at selected merchant outlet through Point of Sale device using CRDB Bank TembocardVisa/MasterCard. A cardholder can withdraw up to a maximum of TZS300, 000/- per day at the Merchant without the need of visiting CRDB Bank’s branch or ATM.

For example, if you purchase goods worth Tshs.100, 000 at supermarket, you can also request for TZS200, 000 in cash. The cashier will swipe the card to pay Tshs.100, 000 for purchases and Tshs200, 000 for cash in two separate transactions (sale and cash-back) with your debit card. You will then receive TZS200, 000 in cash along with his goods. You will be charged TZS1, 000 for each cash transaction.

We believe that this is added value to our customers and provides unbeatable convenience.

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