At CRDB Bank, We pay close attention on meeting the financial desires of Personal and Small business customers who are always looking for handy and affordable banking and financial services, which is why CRDB Bank now has an SME Unit which its main focus is to sponsor through loans & elevate the small business customers.

In July 2015, the Bank management sponsored five SME Customers for study tour at Milan - Italy where a big historic event named EXPO-MILAN was held. The sponsorship which covered all the costs was a response to sponsorship request from the Director General of TANTRADE.

Hon. Maalim Seif Opening Speech at EXPO Milan 2015.

Hon. Maalim Seif flanked by Italian Ambassador at EXPO Milan 2015.

Mr. Mallya (CRDB Bank Customer) sharing issues with Amb. Dr. James Msekela at Verona Factory of Agriculture Farm Implements. Second Left is Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Trade and Industry Mrs. Maria 

CRDB Bank Sponsored SME at the entrance of EXPO Milan 2015, Italy. From left to Right: Glory Metta, Ramadhani Mnandi, Mr. & Mrs Mallya and Flat Shao.

Mr & Mrs Mallya, Ms. Colleta-TANTRADE and Glory Metta.

Bank’s Sponsored SME Customers to Expo Milan 2015 sitting for photo near Tanzania Pavallion in Italy. From L-R: Mrs Metta, Mr. Shao, Mr. Mallya, Mr. Mnandi, Mr. Mkata, Mr. Ngowi and Mrs. Mallya

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