Trade Finance

We have various types of trade finance products that cater for your business and personal needs. These include Traditional Trade Finance, Structured Trade Finance among other corporate services.

Traditional Trade Finance (TTF)

Shipping documents are passed from seller to buyer through the Bank

Credit is the credit instrument issued by the Bank guaranteeing payments on behalf of its customer to a beneficiary for a stated period of time and when specified conditions are met.

These are instruments that guarantee the beneficiary against default of Bank's customer. Types of guarantees offered are; Bid, Performance, payment, Custom Bond, Shipping Guarantees, Standby and Advance Payment Guarantee


  • Seller is assured of payments.
  • Buyer is assured of delivery of goods or services
  • Payment is effected only upon performance
  • Facilitates contractual agreements.

Structured Trade Finance

These are products tailored to customer needs


  • Suits customer requirements.
  • Offers financing to transaction of complex structure taking advantage of assets in the hand of a third party
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