Business Units

In order to serve corporate and institutional customers more efficiently, the corporate Banking department serves the customers divided in the following units.

The unit provides business support on local and international trade to all clients segments in the Bank namely Corporate, Institutional, Small and Medium Enterprises and Personal customers. The unit offers a range of products grouped in to traditional trade finance products and structured trade finance products described above.

Dedicated to serve all projects under agriculture and agro-processing, with particular focus on the following sub-sectors: -

  1. Farming  (large scale farming for all crops)- large estates e.g. tea, sisal, coffee, barley, tobacco, etc
  2. Agro-processingindustries for all commercial and food crops, e.g. flour mills (wheat, maize, sorghum, etc), rice hulling and packaging, tea processing, ginneries, tobacco processors, sugar factories, cashew processors, sunflower/cotton seed oil extraction.
  3. Commodity Trading– crop purchase for all commercial and food crops
  4. FarmImplements – tractors and its accessories, combine harvesters, loggers (for forestry), and other machinery related to core functions of agricultural sector.
  5. Livestock– Abattoirs, Ranch, Dairy Farm, Milk processors, etc
  6. Forestry - large tree plantations, log processing, flooring/value addition plants, timber
  7. Fishing– fishing gear, fish processors, etc

The dedicated Agribusiness Relationship Managers equipped with skills and expertise in the management of agricultural lending shall be happy to assist our customers to: -

  • To structure financing of all agri-businesses corporate projects, and
  • To understand and manage risks associated with agricultural lending

Dedicated to serve all other projects which do not fall under agriculture and agro-processing. The dedicated Corporate Relationship Managers are equipped with skills and expertise in the management of corporate business/loans in the following sectors: -

  1. Manufacturing, Trade & Commerce
  2. Construction & Hospitality: (Real Estate, Construction, Building and Hospitality {Education, Health, Tourism, Hunting, Hotels and Restaurant})
  3. Utility, Infrastructure and Mining: (Energy, Water, Gas, Transport, Communication, Mining and Quarrying)

  1. Higher Learning Institutions and International Organizations.
  2. Financial and Social Security Institutions

Committed Relationship Managers are frequently visiting you, to identify your needs and always ready to:

  • Assist you with guidance on short financial investment
  • Guide you on how to make your deposits with the Bank grow fast,
  • How to pay your bills, school/ college fees and staff  salaries without hassles through internet banking, bills payment systems and how to pay government taxes easily

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