TemboCard MasterCard

Think convenience, think global. With TemboCardMasterCard you have a world-class, enhanced banking card which allows you to withdraw cash from domestic and international ATM’s as well as making purchases in outlets without hassles of carrying cash. Its safe, classy and just right… With TemboCardMasterCard you can have access to your account 24 hours a day whenever and wherever.

TemboCardMasterCard allows you to:

  • Withdraw cash at more than 1 million ATM’s globally
  • Swipe at more than 30 million outlets  where MasterCard is accepted
  • Pay recurring bills
  • Shop world wide
  • Track your expenses as your CRDB Bank account will have the list of all purchases made including date, time spent and name of a merchant.

Unique benefits of TemboCard Mastercard

  • Safe and convenient – no need to carry cash
  • Access to account when at home or abroad, 24 hours a day.
  • Deposit, withdraw, and transfer of money from your account to another account at branches and ATM’s.
  • If your card number is used without your permission you will have zero liability, for unauthorized purchases.
  • Simplified and automated record keeping as each time you use yout TemboCardMasterCard for a purchase all the transaction information, will be listed to your CRDB Bank account statement (Easy tracking of your spending and managing of your budget).
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